Listening Options

There are many, many technological options when it comes to listening to MVYRADIO. We will do our best to make it as easy and as clear as possible, because we want you to have a great musical experience.


WMVY can be heard on 88.7FM Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, the South Coast of Massachusetts, as well as parts of the South Shore. We have a repeater signal in Rhode Island on 96.5FM, that covers Aquidneck Island, including Newport, Portsmouth and Middletown, plus Jamestown and parts of Narragansett.


If you're using a desktop computer go to the player at the top of this page and simply click the play button to launch our TuneGenie player. The MVYRADIO stream is also available via TuneIn, iHeart, iTunes and more.

Sorry, we are no longer streaming the station via Windows Media. If you need help streaming, please email and we'll help you out. Thanks!



If you're on your mobile device, go to the player on the top of this page and simply click the play button to launch our TuneGenie player. You can also download the free MVYRADIO App from your App store.

Google Play
iOS Devices - use recent devices for optimal performance


Once you have things set up, it is incredibly easy to listen to mvyradio in your car with just the touch of a button on a phone. Use Bluetooth or a USB connection in your car, and stream MVYRADIO from the road. Or use your auxiliary input (see the video below).

Listen In Your Car Tutorial


MVYRADIO is available on most streaming devices, including Como Audio, Sonos, Amazon Echo, and Google Nest. Some of these systems connect to our stream via TuneIn. If your device is voice-activated, tell it to "PLAY M-V-Y-RADIO" (not "WMVY"). On Alexa devices, you can use iHeart instead: "Alexa play M-V-Y RADIO on I Heart Radio." For Siri: “Siri: Play radio station M-V-Y RADIO."

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Join The Listener Map

We have listeners around the world, and the map to show it! Zoom in on the map, and click on the markers, to meet your fellow listeners. And make your own mark. You can tell us where you are and what you like to do while listening to MVYRADIO!